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Frequently asked questions

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Why wouldn’t you? Goldie was designed for designer and artists to make it easier to integrate the golden ratio into their work.

Designing according to the Golden ratio is an elegant way to give your designs an harmonious and comfortable perception. The golden ratio is a tool that removes the guessing out of many design decisions and helps strike the right balance.

The Golden Ratio has been used for the last 4,000 years in human art and design and our brains are hard-wired to prefer things that are proportioned according to the golden ratio. It’s a subconscious attraction that give us a positive visual impact.

Without going into too many mathematical details that you can find on Wikipedia, in its simplest form the Golden Ratio is just the ratio of the parties to each other as 1: 1.618.

Mathematical calculations are boring for most of us, so we made Goldie to make it easy to strike an effective composition where the elements work together to make a pleasant experience.

Designing according to the Golden Ratio makes your designs feel naturally familiar to the user and helps set a positive visceral reaction bringing your design from good to great!

Absolutely! We are looking into integrating a tool specifically designed for typesetting in future releases, however for now you can simply use the calculator. Enter your body type size in the smallest ratio section and the other numbers will show you the typographical hierarchy you can use.

Yes! Thats what the calculator tab was also designed for.

You can input any value you need and apply it to your project.

We included 3 variations of Golden ratio visualization for you to choose from:

The spiral theme gives a general idea of the ratio proportions.

The boxed theme is more effective for exact alignments.

The minimal theme is good for quick checks.

That’s an experimental feature we are trying. It allows to start from a fresh ratio every time.

When engaged you can open the ruler by dragging it, and every time it will start from zero in stead of from the previous position.